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ITIL Foundation


In just 3 days you'll become an effective contributor in the ITIL environment and receive the globally valid ITIL Foundation certificate.

ITIL Foundation is the first step into the world of IT service management and the basis for all following ITIL trainings. You'll obtain an overview of the ITIL processes, functions and roles that is valuable in practice. The contents are communicated in an interactive and practice-orientated way which ensures that you'll learn the necessary terminology. This allows you to implement ITIL in your daily work and you'll receive an optimal preparation for the ITIL Foundation exam.

Your advantages:

    • Accredited Workbook
    • High-quality training setup
    • Top location including meals
    • Exam & result within the training
    • Official certificate sent as digital file within 48 hours

      Learning goal

      In 3 days you'll learn the basics of IT service management according to ITIL on the Foundation level. This includes the fundamental principle of the service lifecycle, the processes, functions and roles. During the trainings you'll learn the necessary terminology and prepare yourself for the ITIL Foundation exam in an optimal manner. The ITIL Foundation exam measures the theoretical expertise you have acquired in order to be able to continue successfully on your path towards the Expert level through the ITIL Intermediate trainings.

      The ITIL Foundation training by SERVIEW is officially accredited and fulfils the requirements of the Official Accreditor for ITIL (AXELOS). This means that all crucial ITIL contents are guaranteed to be communicated.


      You wouldn't want dry PowerPoint presentations and neither would we.
      At SERVIEW, we have combined entertainment and sustainable learning.

      • Working with literature and case studies
      • Learning with the Workbook Principle ®
      • Lectures and tutorial dialogue
      • Participant presentations and exchange of experiences

      In order to facilitate your learning and maximise the practice-orientation of the training, we use different media and learning techniques during the ITIL Foundation. This is why you'll receive the ITIL Foundation workbook and case studies during the training. Your training thus includes different knowledge transfer methods, such as lectures, tutorial dialogue, group work and participant presentations. We pay particular attention to the exam preparation which includes taking and discussing sample exams.

      An important ingredient of our method is the competency of our trainers. Their education is always obtained from accredited experts. This is ensured through a strict internal education programme and the concluding audit based on the requirements of the Official Accreditor.

      All our trainers are permanent employees of SERVIEW and work actively as consultants. This enables us to give you real examples and to approach your problems in an optimal manner. The combination of training and consulting guarantees you the best possible ITIL Expert for your ITIL Foundation training.

      Training contents

      The ITIL Foundation training consists of different contents and aspects that flow seamlessly into each other. The training is based on the official syllabus and ITIL version 2011. In a nutshell, you'll learn the theory of ITIL and prepare for the Foundation exam.

      • IT service management in practice
      • The service lifecycle
      • Contents of the individual lifecycles
      • ITIL key terms and models
      • IT service management concepts and processes
      • Chosen roles and functions
      • ITSM technology and architecture
      • ITIL qualifications and educational possibilities


      You might be a service or IT organisation manager or employee, leader, CEO, IT professional or business manager. Or maybe you wish to gain a fundamental understanding of ITIL and acquire the official certificate.


      You need no previous knowledge to participate in the ITIL Foundation raining.
      All necessary contents are communicated during the training. 


      Day 19:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.Training
      Day 29:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.Training
      Day 39:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.
      3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

      Exam details

      Duration60 minutes
      You'll take the exam directly after the training
      Questions40 multiple choice questions
      Additional informationYou'll need 26 points (65%) to pass the exam.
      The maximum score is 40 points (100%).
      No aids are allowed, and the exam is not scenario-based.
      Credits For passing the ITIL Foundation exam you'll receive 2 ITIL credits.
      Exam languagesEnglish
      Exam institutePEOPLECERT

      Further trainings

      The following trainings are often booked together with the ITIL Foundation training:

      This training enables you to

      After the training you will want to have obtained new skills and knowledge. The ITIL Foundation training by SERVIEW enables you the following:

      • You'll be able to work actively and efficiently in an ITIL-compliant environment and will know how to deal with the service lifecycle concept.
      • You'll be able to correctly classify the key terms of ITIL and to define functions, processes and roles.
      • You'll know the business benefits of ITIL and recognise the added value of the different phases.
      • You'll obtain a globally recognised and valid certificate that officially confirms your skills and knowledge.
      • You'll open yourself new career possibilities and be able to participate in advanced ITIL Trainings, such as our ITIL Expert trainings and ITIL Intermediate trainings.

      PDUs for this training

      In the context of your PMI recertification, you'll receive the following PDUs for our training:

      Training             Technical  Leadership  Strategic  Total   
      PMP® & PgMP®20911 PDUs
      PMI_ACP®0099 PDUs
      PMI_RMP®0099 PDUs
      PMI_SP®0099 PDUs
      PfMP®0099 PDUs
      PMI_PBA®0099 PDUs


      You'll find additional information about our PDUs and a complete overview of all our trainings under:
      PDUs for PMI certification at SERVIEW.

      Different. Better for you and your training.

      Every day, SERVIEW sends countless boxes and packages to their trainers.

      This means countless possibilities for errors. A set of ITIL Foundation documents might be forgotten, the documents for the wrong training might be chosen or the documents might not be sent at all.

      Despite all these possibilities for errors, you'll always receive the correct training documents on time. And they are of the highest quality.

      However, we do not use an extensive logistics system or many external service providers to ensure that you'll receive your documents as described and be able to learn everything on the topic IT service management. SERVIEW simply employs the right people in the right places. This is how workbooks, pens, flip charts or sample exams are never forgotten or misplaced.

      Good planning and proactive management give you the possibility to enrol today in a training that is carried out tomorrow. And, despite your late enrolment, you'll have all the training materials the person sitting next to you also has.

      We are proud to have such a team and very pleased to able to provide you with all the materials for the ITIL Foundation and all other trainings on time.

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      ITIL in 100 Seconds

      Everything you have to know about ITIL in only 100 Seconds. AXELOS, the Official Accreditor from ITIL produced this video.

      The SERVIEW Workbook Principle

      It's a concept that bears fruit. Our clients are enthusiastic about this kind of knowledge transfer. It facilitates learning, the contents are processed quickly and stay in your memory. This makes the learning success directly and immediately noticeable.

      In-house Trainings

      We are also happy to provide all our trainings as customised and personal in-house trainings. You'll decide when, where and on what scale. Further information is available here.